The creation of a web site requires planning and attention to detail. The best sites start simple and expand to fit the products, services or opinion being offered. I specialize in developing websites and graphic imagery that will suit your personal needs and present your information and ideas to your visitors in an appropriate manner. My fee will depend on how elaborate a website you want. These prices are flexible depending on your requirements. I’ll work with you to design a site which fits your budget as well as your marketing and promotional requirements.

Do you already have a website? Would you like to "breathe a little life into it"? Maybe you'd like to add a chatroom or electronic bulletin board to facilitate communication between customers, colleagues, friends or family? Or possibly an area where visitors can submit their text documents, images or other materials? There are many ways to make your online offering interactive, all we need is your imagination.

Even a complete redesign can be done more economically depending on the amount of current content that can be recycled. On any design project, the high priced areas are the custom graphic elements. It's also a good plan to retain some of the "look" of a web site so your current clients, members or visitors are not completely put off by a totally new interface.

I do things a bit differently on price, I charge a quarterly maintenance fee which includes the server space and bandwidth. The cost of domain registration is separate and also any additional items like an online store will be incidental to the regular maintenance fees. There will be no surprises, all additional costs will be discussed fully before an agreement is reached.

The fees start at $200 each quarter and increase depending on your needs and what you can budget for your online property.